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Our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) works to assist individuals to reach a higher level of independence. Our PRP program assists all participants to maximize community integration, and accessing and coordinating services and resources while working to ensure that each individual has access to the best possible treatment and care. We strive to help individuals in areas

To qualify for PRP, individuals must:

  1. Be actively enrolled in therapy for, at least, 30 days.
  2. Meet medical necessity criteria
    1. Youth with severe functional impairments, potential risk to maintaining the client's residence, imminent risk to self/others
    2. Adults-severe and persistent functional impairment, services are needed to function independently, need for self-care management of illness, and community involvement/integration.


  • Mental Health & Wellness
  • Crisis Intervention Services
  • Family Supportive Services
  • Case Coordination Services
  • Household Maintenance
  • Financial Management
  • Socialization & Community Integration
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Life Skills Education
  • Interpersonal Skill Development
  • Nutrition


  1. Bachelor degree in a related field; or
  2. Associate degree in a related field; or
  3. At least 30 credit hours of college credit toward a bachelor degree in a related field; or
  4. At least 1 year of work experience in a supervised mental health setting
  5. Qualified applicants looking to work with minors will also have at least 2 years of paid work experience serving children and adolescents


Under supervision of the Rehabilitation Specialist, PRP Direct Care Staff will:

  1. Promote recovery and resiliency by providing rehabilitation services designed to meet the individualized needs of each consumer;
  2. Meet with assigned consumers weekly, or as necessary, based on the individual needs of each consumer and agency policy;
  3. Perform rehabilitation activities in the SFS' facility, in consumers' homes, and in the community;
  4. Develop client specific, culturally appropriate intervention strategies including goal setting, planning, and decision making;
  5. Complete and submit thorough, accurate, and timely documentation including in progress notes, Individual Rehabilitation Plans, discharge/transition recommendations and summaries; in accordance with agency policy and all applicable local, state, and federal regulations.

Note: We accept Maryland Medicaid, Purchase of Service Agreements (POS) and Self-Purchase. We also provide a sliding fee scale for the uninsured.